Exam stress


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If you’re a parent reading this it’s probably because your teenagers is suffering from exam stress, is lazy and not revising, lacking motivation or is totally overwhelmed.   We can help.

If you’re a teenager reading this because you’re stressed, looking for help or overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. We can help.

Having worked in schools with students we are experts in helping you overcome the exam stress barriers.   

Here are some tips to give you a few ideas.

  • Break it down into small steps.
  • Make a revision plan and stick to it.  If you need a planner, ask us and we’ll provide one for free, we can also review your plan.
  • Do you know your learning style?  If not, ask us and we’ll recommend a quick online test that will identify your style and suggest the best ways for you to revise.
  • Take regular breaks. Scientifically proven – you need to have a break every 25-30 minutes but time your breaks and don’t get distracted by ‘social media.’
  • Eat well and get plenty of sleep.  Turn off your screens an hour before you sleep and try to get 8 hours.
  • Plan in some ‘you’ time.
  • Reward good study time.
  • Have you got a personal goal?  Sometimes this can help to motivate you but it can also seem like a very distant dream.  Just deal with the present and do your best.  It’s not a competition or a race.
  • Attend clinics and ask teachers if you are struggling with a topic.

Remember you are not alone, contact us hello@redcrestcareers.com