Thinking about a Gap Year?

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The phrase ‘gap year’ has traditionally meant a period of time taken out by students after leaving school and starting the next phase of their education or career. However, gap years now happen at any age, they can be taken by anyone, and for varying amounts of time.

It’s very important to research a reputable company such as those listed on The Year Out Group website.  From a parents point of view it’s reassuring to use a reputable company. We sent our son Edd off to Borneo with an organised  trip through The Leap

When he got into trouble and contracted leptospirosis The Leap support team jumped into action and got him out of the jungle in super quick time.  The thing to remember is that in foreign countries hospitals are much quicker at knowing what they’re dealing with in terms of tropical diseases because they see it so often.   Without the backup that The leap had in place things might be different.  An opportunity to engage with different cultures, make new friends, have new experiences and gain independence are all invaluable life lessons.  Edd is now happily settled at Yale painting and developing his practice through a 2 year MFA.  More to come on our kids and their careers at some point…

Another company I came across who place gap year students to teach sport in boarding schools abroad is Letzlive

And staying with the schools teaching theme you might want to check out Lattitude.

Whatever you decide, whether it’s experiencing different cultures, volunteering, learning a new language or staying closer to home and working or combining travel and work. If your summer results go pear shaped or you don’t get into your first choice of uni,  time out is no bad thing, go and get some experience, regroup, don’t panic just make the most of this exciting opportunity.

Taking a gap year can be beneficial – certainly in terms of your career and the experiences gained – but you’ll need to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

And finally word of warning if you’re abroad – you need to think about life beyond your gap year. What is your plan? If you apply for university or apprenticeships this is likely to be while you’re abroad so think about how you’ll manage this.  Want help?  Contact us about our Career Coaching package.