Make work experience count

Ultimate guide

Here’s our ultimate guide to questions you can ask an employer to get the most out of your work experience.

Why ask questions?

Firstly, you’ll gain insight into a career sector.  Secondly, you’ll impress the employer!  The fact that you’ve taken the time to think of thoughtful questions demonstrates your interest and shows you’re not just doing the work experience as a ‘tick box’ exercise.

I found this excellent list on questions on the  ‘Yale Office of Career Strategy.’   It’s a really good starting point for you,  pick a few questions and try them out. Don’t be shy, people love talking about themselves and their job! Give yourself the maximum opportunity to stand out and impress during your work experience.


Job Requirements and Experience 

  • How did you get stared in this field? Is that typical of most people?
  • Describe a typical working week. Would these duties be the same for anyone with your job title or level within an organisation?
  • What skills and personal qualities are most important for success in this job?

Benefits and Challenges 

  • What are the greatest rewards of your work?
  • What are the greatest frustrations? How do you deal with them?
  • On what basis are professionals in your field evaluated? How is success measured?
  • What is the starting salary range for new professionals in this field? (Do not ask for their salary).

Growth Opportunities

  • What are the opportunities for advancement in this field? Could you describe a typical promotion path?
  • What are some growth areas in this field and what impact is that likely to have on job opportunities?

Seeking Advice

  • What kinds of education or specialised training would best prepare me for this field?
  • What courses can I take or projects can I complete that will also be helpful?
  • Are there any professional organisations that would help me to build my network in this field?
  • Where do people in this field typically look for internship and job opportunities?
  • Can you recommend other people for me to talk to?
  • What do you wish you had known about this field when you were just starting out?

Let us know what you think…and how you get on. If you’ve got any killer questions that you think would be useful to add get in touch.