UCAS clearing all you need to know. 

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Are you worried you haven’t made the grade?


Read our step by step guide  to UCAS clearing.

If you haven’t already done your clearing research use today to make the job easier.  You can use this link to Ucas to see which universities have got courses available through clearing. It’s a good idea to look back and reflect on your original university choices and subjects because this can be a great opportunity to think: do I  want the same thing now or have I actually had second thoughts?

Here are a few essentials to make it easier:

Make a short list of courses, thoroughly check the syllabus, teaching style check them on Unistats,

Ring around and register your interest.

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You can always change plan

  •  Have a gap year – check out our Gap Year blog
  • Apply for an apprenticeship or degree apprenticeship
  • Reapply for uni for 2020 entry – you can apply alongside apprenticeship applications too.


Thursday 15th July 2019 – Results day – clearing

1 Seek support
If you’re feeling emotional, remember that’s a normal response. Don’t feel like you have to go through clearing alone

2 Stay calm and follow the steps
At 8am you can check Ucas Track to see if you’ve been accepted by your firm or insurance choice. Some universities accept students even if they are off by a grade and you can ring to check. Track will show whether you are in clearing.

Once you’ve collected your results, which universities will need before they can offer you a place, and you have your Ucas Track login details to hand, you can look at the live list of vacancies on Ucas and individual university websites.

Now you can see there are lots of options so hopefully you’re starting to relax a bit! After browsing availability, you can start ringing university hotlines and using social media to ask questions.  Twitter is a great option for this. If possible, have a spare phone for callbacks while you ring around. Write down details, names and contacts from calls.

3 Take your time
You can’t formally accept a place until 3pm, and normally you’ll have two or three days to decide. So, once you’ve decided, enter your single choice in Track. When a university has verified your grades, you’re in.

And finally, don’t feel like you have to accept a place as soon as you’re offered it. Remember to ask how long the university will give you to make your decision and make sure that it’s the right one for you.

Redcrest Careers are at the desk all day and on email to help too.  You are not alone…

Because we’ve done this so many times before we can assure you, as bad as it feels now, it will be okay, so please don’t worry.