The best online activities and resources for the kids


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We’ve put together a list of the best online activities and resources you can do with the kids at home and they’re FREE. This is a great opportunity to learn together in a fun way. It’s a great opportunity to link school subjects to real life.

Link the fun to the curriculum 

This is an ideal chance for parents to show kids how learning links to real life using creative online activities and resources. Get out the weighing scales and the baking powder and turn the cake baking into a maths and science session. Go outside, maybe sow some quick crop seeds so the kids learn where their food comes from. How about recording an online CV for your imaginary job of the future.   Finally for more ideas we’ve put together a list of resources for you to try.  As a result you’ll be interacting in a beneficial way and who knows what you’ll learn too!

Increasing self-awareness

It’s a great time for kids to discover what their strengths are and skills they enjoy using the most. There are a range of online tools to help them understand what roles and sectors would suit them. Use The Buzz Quiz or  My World of Work  to match their skills, motivations and desires to career paths and specific roles that could be perfect.  As a result, this can also help them to work out their strengths and preferred ways of working which is useful for the return to school!

To request the list of FREE online activities and resources all you need to do is email us