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Work Experience Project
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Here’s our ultimate guide to creating your own work experience project.

Why is it a good idea to create a work experience project?

Firstly our work experience project is a great way to gain insight into a career sector.  Secondly, you’ll impress any employer, you’ll be able to demonstrate to universities and employers that you used the summer of 2020 in a proactive manner and gained insight into the world of work.  Plus, you’ll also be up-skill during the process. Whether that’s learning to create a SWAT analysis or editing software to create a video interview or CV.  Or learning about branding via tutorials on websites like Canva.  You can use Unsplash to get royalty free images and ColorPick Eyedropper to match brand colours to tailor your project.  Use Gif’s to liven up your project and don’t be afraid of including your ideas.  Your social media knowledge will be way better than many older folks and you might be able to show them a trick or two that they decide to integrate into their social media strategy, you could even go the extra mile and do a social media audit from the information that’s available to you.  Finally, and most importantly, this should be fun and might win you some really credible feedback from an employer and help you to start professional networking.

In the project we suggest setting up an interview!  If you want ideas for some killer questions follow this link and you’ll have everything you need!

Let us know how you get on. If you’ve got any killer questions that you need answering get in touch.  We’re here all summer and very happy to help.  If you want to upload your projects on any social media don’t forget to tag us and we’ll share it too!