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Are you work ready?

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    Is our education system leaving young people unprepared for the modern world? The CBI annual education and skills survey reports that most employers (45%) ranked aptitude and readiness for work as the most important factor they consider when recruiting school and college leavers. Additionally, 60% employers also said they rate broader skills such […]

Food for thought…

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The Reith Lectures always deliver interesting food for thought and a great opportunity for learning. In his first lecture, Jonathan Sumption argues that the law is taking over the space once occupied by politics. It takes a bit of listening to and by 19 minutes in I was starting to get to grips with things, […]

Exam stress

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  If you’re a parent reading this it’s probably because your teenagers is suffering from exam stress, is lazy and not revising, lacking motivation or is totally overwhelmed.   We can help. If you’re a teenager reading this because you’re stressed, looking for help or overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. We can help. Having […]

Fascinating insights into Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

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Inspiring reading for those students considering careers in medicine, computer science or artificial intelligence. You need to be reading articles on websites like this, to keep you up to date with the latest technology, it will also set you apart from other students and demonstrate your intellectual curiosity. Read more at The Medical Futurist

Postgraduate 2018 – 2019 Applications are NOW OPEN

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Applications are now open for 2018 postgraduate study. Students from across the globe come to the UK to study and work alongside leading academics. UK universities offer some of the best facilities in the world. Did you know that there is funding available to support your study? Oxford has over 1,100 full graduate scholarships available. […]