Every child is different, and we have worked with them all. The head strong, the organised, the dazed and confused, the apprehensive, the scared, the emotional, the inquisitive, the ambitious, the confident and the less confident. Some of our students haven’t a clue what they want to do, some have tried, learnt and want a new direction; and some have a clear idea but are in need of some focus and encouragement. Whoever they are and whatever their story, we enjoy getting to know your child, finding out what makes them tick.

We’ll be advising your teenager, challenging their perspectives, helping them to understand their choices at 16 or 18 and signposting them to the right information.

Career Coaching can be a transformative experience, setting your child up for success. Knowing how to make good decisions and ask the right questions are invaluable skills that we can help your child develop.


We know you want the best for your child. Whatever stage they are at, it is important that they are knowledgeable, prepared and confident.

  • What can they do now to help them stand out?
  • What is going to make them happy?
  • How do they guarantee success?

We want your child to be the best they can be.

My name is Yixuan Wang, an international student from China, and just started my A Level study in Britain last year. When I was in Year 12, I was facing the problem of choosing a subject I want to study in the university, because I wanted to prepare well on my subject and have a good idea about the prospectus of its related career in the future. With a lot confusion, I asked for support from RedCrest Career.

Mrs Arnold is the first consultant I knew and she is a really patient listener and professional adviser. According to my concern and questions, she suggested me several good websites to have a look myself and told me the important things of selecting a suitable subjects I should focus on. After that, I had booked more appointments with her so she could track my progress and help me out each time when I was stuck. Whatever about my work experience, subjects selections or even part-time-job reference, she tried her best to sort my problems out in a short time.

Mrs Holmes is the other experienced and professional consultant who supported me a lot. When I was thinking about to add anther subject to my A-level study, she wasn’t against my willing directly like the other teachers but came up with all the methods she knew to approach to my requirement as well as release my pressure. Thanks to her guidance, those annoying problems didn’t affect my AS exams.

I feel like the most impressive things are the wonderful work experience opportunities they provided me. They always email me some useful events or links which are relative to my subjects. With their help, I can volunteer in a nursing home and disabled horse riding centre every Monday and Tuesday respectively. Besides, I went to Leeds university for a taster day and summer school.

Because Year 12 is a significant year and can almost determine which university I will go to, I feel lucky to meet them when I was confused in the first year in Britain and really appreciate what they’ve done for me. They are just like the lighthouse in the darkness for me to guide me to my destination.

Many thanks to Mrs Arnold and Mrs Holmes.

michael nunes 592254 unsplash

Yixuan Wang

Year 13 Student

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We want your child to be happy. We want you to be happy.