Often we see clients who feel stuck in their career or want to change direction but don’t know how. We believe there are four keys to success in career transition. Know your why – Define your goal – Enhance your brand – Develop a plan.  

For a positive career you need the support of a clear framework that will help you to navigate that path whenever you want to make change.  Armed with new skills you will be able to grow throughout your life; confidently explore possibilities; develop career management skills; create opportunities; balance life and work; and see how the bigger picture might impact your choices.

Career coaching can be a transformative experience, setting you up for longterm success. You will understand the importance of learning for life and reflecting on yourself, your background and strengths. Knowing how to make good decisions and manage your career actively will allow you more control and less stress.

We believe in working with you to develop a growth mindset so that you can make your own opportunities.  You’ll learn how changing your language can boost your mood and well being. By learning effective strategies you’ll be able to deal with challenges and setbacks in the future and write your own career story. 



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Career is not just a process of choosing a job in early life, rather it is a process of ongoing learning and development that takes place throughout life.

  • Know your why
  • Define your goal 
  • Enhance your brand

Develop a plan and write your career story.

I have been meeting Fiona (via Zoom) for careers advice regularly over the last 6 months or so and I can not recommend her enough. We have been working primarily on goal-setting and ‘professionalising’ an existing social media presence. Her positivity and knowledge makes the most daunting goals seem achievable. Fiona’s coaching has taught me to approach my work more laterally, from new points of view and this has been paying major dividends when put in to practice.



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So thank you very much for all your help; the sessions were a confidence booster and also very settling. I did not feel nervous whatsoever going into them which was a big contributor to my performance. 


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